Success Stories

Hina Shahid

I recently hired female personal trainer at my home for a family group training and the results are awesome, MoveNfit is the best fitness trainers health and fitness service providers

Mehreen Hussain

I have never committed to workout and attended gym on a daily basis. That is why I’ve hired in home fitness trainer and MoveNfit female personal trainers are awesome helped me get committed and the results are jaw dropping. Trust me when I say you’ll be addicted to MoveNfit one to one personal training.

Babar Khan

My weight started to creep up after landed an office job and I’ve never exercised, and started ordering pizza and fast food for lunch. “I ate whatever was most convenient,”. I never thought about diet & nutrition. Amazingly found MoveNfit on the internet and ordered my personalized diet and meal plan, and loss 15kg weight within couple of months. Honestly, If you would like to stay healthy, you must eat healthy.


MoveNfit literally transformed my lifestyle in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Honestly, the outcomes are wonderful and I have never felt healthier, been stronger or looked better than I do now in my early 40’s. This is all because of my hard work, the passion and commitment from the amazing MoveNfit trainer, and the tremendous love and support.

Salman Ahmed

I recovered from back pain injury and got my life and my body back – Thanks to MoveNfit physiotherapist helped me a lot.

Shoukat Khan

I have been on my weight loss journey a long time, much longer than necessary. This was due to my own stubbornness, negative attitude towards exercise, and a ton of excuses. MoveNfit personal trainers gave motivation with love, care and understanding. What came next was my own willingness to change. Once the mental change happened, the physical change came naturally, walk the required hours per week, and not let my family/friends sabotage my hard efforts. OMG! What happened next was amazing, the weight fell off. I had been fight myself for years, and by having a made-up-mind, the weight came off in weeks. I’m in a smaller size, I have increased energy, I’m physically stronger. I will never go back to my old ways, old attitude or old body. I love me all over again. Salute to MoveNfit

Ahsan Khan

I started with fitness training 6 months ago. I had hip replacement surgery and I’ve been an athlete all my life and finally made the decision to work with a personal trainer to really get back in shape and take off some weight to help ease the burden on my arthritic hips & knees. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So I’ve found physiotherapist and a personal trainer at MoveNfit, they’ve developed & tailored a special program for me to strengthen the muscles around my joints, which really seems to be working due to the fact I no longer have any pain at all when walking, riding a bike or undergoing any other normal physical activities. I also feel and look a lot better because of the weight that I’ve dropped so far. Both were very kind & caring, they’ve actually makes the whole training process fun and I look forward to the challenge offers me each session I have with them.”

Noshad Ali

I have tried every diet, never lose the weight more than 3 to 4 kg and always gained it back. One of my friend ask me to contact moveNfit to get my personalized diet meal plan. They’ve designed my diet plan according to my daily routine. 2 and half months later, I lost more than 36 kg weight. The most remarkable part of my story is that I have been able to maintain my weight loss.
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